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Do you want to sell your house fast? 1-800-SELL-RIGHT is dedicated to helping homeowners sell thier house without all the normal hassles. We buy houses fast, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Although we are a full service real Estate agency, we do not want to list your house, we want to buy it. We will make you a fair, fast offer on your house today. To receive an offer on your house today please fill out the form to the left or call 1-800-SELL-RIGHT (1-800-735-5744).

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To buy your house fast, 1-800-SELL-RIGHT offers you the ability to sell to us a discounted price. By selling your house to 1-800-SELL-RIGHT you will save the time and hassle of renovations, realtor fees and all other fees associated with selling your house at market value. If you are not willing to sell your house at a discounted price we also have licensed Realtors with which you can list your house on the MLS and sell for current market value.